Better insights for
WordPress plugin devs.

wpdevmetrics was created to help WordPress Developers keep track of their plugins and themes published on the Wordpress repository.

How it works

So how does it work?

First of all, you don't need to change any code! Simply add your plugins and themes in to the dashboard and all downloads history will be instantly available.

wpdevmetrics uses the official WordPress API to grab the statistics. Then, it summarizes and presents these statistics to you in a beautiful way. It most certainly is far better and much more informative than using the default statistics chart on the WordPress portal.

Keep track of Downloads

Get detailed insights on how your WordPress plugin or theme is performing, in terms of downloads and active users.

  • All your plugins in one place
  • Beautiful chart for the week, month and year
  • Infomative summary with trends and active users

Keywords and Reviews

Keep track of all your keywords and how your plugin ranks for each one. Strategize your keyword selection and you will be #1 in the search results.

See helpful insights into ratings and reviews for your plugin or theme, and also keep tabs on your competitors.

Daily and Weekly Reports

Receive daily and weekly reports straight to your email.
You'll never miss a thing!

  • Summary for all your plugins in one email
  • Daily downloads with trends

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